Chang Phurk - Thai restaurant & Takeaway

Opening restaurant!!

To us the above means that .....

- Dining is possible again, in addition to pickup; - Basic rules remain important; - We currently have a visitor capacity of 20 - 21 seats on average.

Reservations can only and exclusively be made by telephone.

According to the current corona guidelines, we can remain open until the original times, but we nevertheless also use flexible closing times if applicable.

We have also applied a slight price increase to the restaurant menu and takeout menus as of March 1, 2022.

Opening Take Away Center!!

Taking into account the already known corona measures, can be picked up again according to the regular pick-up times.

Due to the crowds when picking up, we can be a bit more difficult to reach by phone.

We ask that you have already made your choice in advance at the time of ordering. Please place orders for the next (or other) day by phone. This is possible from 20:00 to 21:00.

We count on your cooperation for all measures that are (still) taking us all.

We hope to be able to greet you, despite the adjusted rules, and that you can continue to enjoy our specialties.