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13.Noom Pang Na Moe
Fried minced meat on a slice of bread
18.Saté moe
Pork Satay
Main course
42.Phad Kiauw Waan Kai hot
Stir fried chicken fillet with vegetables in green curry paste
51.Moe Phad Pindas
Pork steak with paprika, peanuts in peanut sauce and coconut milk
69.Phad Nua Nam Man Hoi
Stir fried slice of beef with dried mushrooms, onion and corn in oyster sauce
93.Koeng Phad Saus Prik hot
Stir fried prawns with tomato, spring onion and ginger in tomato ketchup, chilli sauce and sherry
Side dish
78.Khai Djauw Tam Mada
Thai omelette with onion and tomatoes
123.Phad Pak Ruam King
Stir fried vegetables with ginger and sweet chilli sauce


Takeaway menu for one person 10,00
A choice of main course
A side dish of your choice
Includes white or fried rice
Takeaway menu for two persons 22,50
Two starters of your choice
Two main courses of your choice
Two side dishes of your choice
Includes white or fried rice
One starter 3,50
Noodles i.s.o. rice (per bowl) 1,00 extra
Extra rice or fried rice (per bowl) 1,50
Extra noodles (per bowl) 2,50


Timetable takeaway

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday: 17:00 - 21:00
Friday, Saturday: 17:00 - 21:30
Tuesday closed

When there is a huge rush in the restaurant area, there will be, to prevent long waiting times at the weekend for the collection center, identified how long it takes for the dish to be ready.

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