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13.Noom Pang Na Moe
Fried minced meat on a slice of bread
18.Saté Moe
Pork Satay
Main course
45.Phanang Kai hot
Chicken breast in coconut-phanang sauce with peppers, basil and peanuts
50.Moe Phad Krathiam Prikthai
Stir fried ham slices with garlic, white pepper, coriander and cabbage
69.Phad Nua Nam Man Hoi
Stir fried slice of beef with dried mushrooms and onion in oyster sauce
84.Kheng Luang Koeng hot
Prawns in coconut milk with red curry paste, cumin, tamarind bamboo shoots and cucumber
Side dish
78.Khai Djauw Tam Mada
Thai omelette with onion and tomatoes
121.Phad Pak Nam Man Hoi
Stir fried mix vegetables with oyster sauce


Takeaway menu for one person 12,50
A choice of main course
A side dish of your choice
Includes white or fried rice
Takeaway menu for two persons 27,50
Two starters of your choice
Two main courses of your choice
Two side dishes of your choice
Includes white or fried rice
One starter 3,95
Extra main course 8,00
Extra side dish 4,50
Noodles i.s.o. rice (per bowl) 1,75 extra
Extra rice or fried rice (per bowl) 2,25
Extra noodles (per bowl) 2,95
Extra shrimp crisps (for 2 persons) 0,75


Takeaway dishes for vegetarians

All dishes that mention meat or shrimp can be substituted for tofu. The ingredients remain the same.

Order take-away dishes by e-mail:

We do not recommend ordering take-aways through e-mail, as e-mail is not viewed 24/7.

Timetable takeaway

Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday: 17:00 - 21:00
Friday, Saturday: 17:00 - 21:30
Mondays and Tuesdays closed

When there is a huge rush in the restaurant area, there will be, to prevent long waiting times at the weekend for the collection center, identified how long it takes for the dish to be ready.


Only one full savings card can be returned per take away. If there are several full savings cards, these must be distributed per take away.

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