Chang Phurk - Thai restaurant & Takeaway

Do you know...

. . .

We sometimes renew the composition of the menu every year!!

Variety is the spice of life!
. . . We offer every month another takeaway menu!!
So every month a surprise!!
. . . We also provide dinner vouchers (à €10.00 / €15.00 / €20.00 / €25.00 / €50.00)!!
Nice as a birthday gift or to surprise anyone.
. . . We also cater for 15 up to 50 people!!
Have a look at our catering page page for further information.
. . . We also organise parties for up to 20 people!!
Enjoy an evening in Asian atmosphere and enjoy a bit of Thailand.
. . . We provide a stamp stamp book with the takeaway menus!!
With a full card, you can obtain a free takeaway dish or a discount on the ordered takeaway.

If you would like to know more, please phone us, or send an e-mail .

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