Chang Phurk - Thai restaurant & Takeaway

Notification opening days from 2020

From January 1st, 2020 we are also closed on MONDAY with the exception of public holidays; from that date we are open from Wednesday to Sunday.

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Dear costumer,

After having been officially informed that the take away dishes was not permitted at first,additional reports have now been published.

The message as we heard today reads:

Supplement: March 16, 4:00 pm: Delivery and home delivery may continue, pick up now sustained.

Avoid crowds, make sure that you are not close to other people and let people take their drinks home with them (do not eat on the spot).

Due to the above decision, we will not be delivering the meals at home, we will only continue our take away service.

We will be at your service upcoming Wednesday, March 18th.

As you have come to expect from us, you will be informed of the take away time when your ordered menus are ready to be picked up.