Chang Phurk - Thai restaurant & Takeaway

Open up restaurant!!!

Dear customer,

From 1st of December the following rules apply:

The restaurant is unfortunately CLOSED!

Open up Take Away Center!

The take away is possible, taking into account the already known corona measures.

We ask you to wear a mouth cap.

Because of the busy take away time, we can be a bit more difficult to reach by phone.

We ask you to make your choice in advance at the time of ordering. Orders for the next day (or later) please after 20:30 hours.

As you are used to from us, a pick-up time will be given to you after the order has been noted. Please be patient and understand.

To avoid group formation, 1 person per order is allowed to pick up.

During the corona period we have flexible closing times.

Due to the applicable mandatory measures, pegging is already taking place. Paying in cash remains possible because of the measures taken by us.

When using the sanitary facilities, we ask you to follow the instructions and hygiene rules.

We count on your cooperation for all the measures we take.

We hope, despite the strict rules, to still be able to greet you and that you can continue to enjoy our specialties.