Chang Phurk - Thai restaurant & Takeaway

Opening restaurant !!

Dear guests,

As a result of the protocol for the catering and redesign (in relation to the corona restrictions), we re-opened today!

Due to the available space and the 1.5 meter standard, there are now 14 instead of 28 seats.

Access can now only be granted if the group consists of 1 household (max. 4 pers), you have not had corona or other corona-related complaints and if you have made an earlier reservatoin by telephone.

Upon receipt we ask you to complete a questionnaire truthfully.

Because of the applicable rules, many are using our ATM already. However, as in the past, cash has also been made possible within the measures we have taken, so this doesn't have to be an obstacle.

When using the sanitary, we ask you to follow the instructions and hygiene rules, so that any contamination is minimized.

During the waiting for the take-away to be ready, a maximum of 2 people can sit in the seats, and if you have to wait longer for your order, it's advisable to wait (or take a seat) outside.

In the unlikely event that you do not comply with these restrictions, we will draw your attention to thi and are also entitled, if we deem this necessary, to request that you leave the building if you are seriously disavowed.

Last but not least, is to wish you a quick reunion and a pleasant stay with us, despite all strict rules that overcome us all.

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Unfortunately, the measures in force make it impossible for us to continue the popular Wednesday discound day menu even longer. As soon as the measures are pushed back to normal, the menu will be available again immediately.

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Opening take-away service !!

Dear guest,

As far as it was not yet known, we would like to bring the following messages to your attention.

Since the opening of the take away service (during the corona crisis), a lot of use has been made of this. Partly due to the lack of waiters and / or staff present, it is possible that we are difficult to reach, to answer the phone (quickly) (or be in a conversation (phone can continue to run)).

However, if this is the case, it would help us very much that the choices have already been made, what you wish to order. As you are used to from us, a pick-up time will be communicated to you after the order has been registered.

Due to corona restrictions, only 1 person is allowed to pick up the take-away order.

Also, If you want to place an order, which is intended for the next or other day, we advise you to do this at a later time in the evenings. Experience has taught us that this is best from 9:00 pm.

We hope to have informed you with this additional information.