Chang Phurk - Thai restaurant & Takeaway

Opening restaurant!!!

As of 5 June 2021, the following rules will apply:

The restaurant will be OPENED!

It subject to the corona measures below.

Due to the available space and the 1.5 meters standard, there is room for up to 14 people.

Opening Takeaway Center!!!

It subject to the already known corona measures.

When picking up your order, it is mandatory to wear a mouth mask, even if you have received the vaccine's and also to enter the restaurant for dinner, up to the table reserved for you.

To prevent group formation, one person per order will be allowed to pick up.

Due to the workload for take-out and the opening of the restaurant, we may be more difficult to reach by phone.

We ask you to make your choice in advance at the time of ordering. Please place orders for the next (or other) day by phone. This can be done from 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m..

As you expect from us, we will inform you of a pickup time after the order has been recorded. Please be patient and understanding.

According to the current corona guidelines, we are open until 22:00, but have flexible closing times during the corona period if applicable.

Due to the mandatory measures in place, we will be using debit cards. Cash payment remains possible due to the measures we have taken.

When using the sanitary facilities, please follow the instructions and hygiene rules.

We count on your cooperation for all the measures that affect us.

We hope, despite the strict rules, to greet you and that you may continue to enjoy our specialties.


Unfortunately, the current measures make it impossible for us to continue the popular Wednesday Action Day menu. As soon as the measures are reduced the menu will be available again.